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Jack Meets Agyu, coming Spring 2019



We are currently working on our second book! Tentatively titled Jack Meets Agio, this book features a sensitive 6 year old Filipino-American boy, Jack, who loves to read and wishes to belong. It’s got monsters and dragons and wizards and all sorts of enchanting things that children enjoy. It’s slated to come out in Spring 2019. We will keep you updated via our blog.

We are crowdfunding this book. If you would like more information about the book and/or find out how to support, please visit our indiegogo site at https://igg.me/at/OurLibro/x/19576304. THANK YOU!!!


Mama, Mama, Know What I Like? (Mama, Mama, Balo Ka Unsa Akong Ganahan?), Fall 2016


We published our first children’s book, Mama, Mama, Know What I Like? (Mama, Mama, Balo Ka Unsa Akong Ganahan?) in October 2016. This fun and beautifully illustrated book provides a peek into the daily life of a Filipino-American five year old boy, Charlie, who goes on a picnic with his Mama and younger brother, Jack. During the picnic, Charlie tells about what he likes and likes to do, all of which most kids his age can relate to. Written in three different languages– English, Bisaya (a Filipino language), and Filipino (the Filipino national language)– this book can also be a tool for Filipino or Bisaya speaking parent with which to share their mother tongue.

Please check out the book’s site at MamaMama.net for more info on the making of this book.


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