October Updates: Campaign Launch + Thank Yous

Hello, Friends and Family, We’re excited! We have 5 days until our Indiegogo campaign goes live on October 20! We would love it if you can come join us at our launch at the Undiscovered SF event where we will also celebrate Fil-Am History Month. Here’s the FB Page invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/583289098771490/ In the meantime, aContinue reading “October Updates: Campaign Launch + Thank Yous”

September Updates: Collaborating + Crowdfunding

Happy Fall, Everyone! The heat is no longer as oppressive and I feel a bit of a nip in the early morning air as I bike race with my kids to school.   Lynnor and I both made it through the summer! We are back and very eager to continue with the book. Here, pageContinue reading “September Updates: Collaborating + Crowdfunding”

Independent Publishing and Decolonizing

Hello Friends and Family! I was invited by Professor Melissa Moreno of the Woodland Community College to discuss Sawaga River Press’ publishing journey through a decolonizing framework. This was a very welcomed change of pace for me as I usually present at events geared towards younger children, not adults, and I don’t get to delveContinue reading “Independent Publishing and Decolonizing”

Introducing Our New Book and Illustrator

Hello, Friends, We hope your April is off to a good start! We are super excited to announce our second book, tentatively titled “Jack Meets Agio.” This story is inspired by the oral folk literature of my hometown, Bukidnon. (See below for map.) Specifically, it is inspired by the Olaging epic about the adventures of Agio (also knownContinue reading “Introducing Our New Book and Illustrator”

Mama, Mama at the Mary Stephens (Davis) Library

Hello, Everyone!   Spring is here and it is so good to be feeling the warmth of the sun instead of the gnawing cold.   Jack and I were at our local library last week. He sauntered around to look for his favorite books (currently the Squish series) while I checked out the new children’sContinue reading “Mama, Mama at the Mary Stephens (Davis) Library”