Happy 2020! + Book Show Award + February Launch

Happy New Year, Kapwa! How is it already February? It’s been rough with the flu and the winter blues but we can feel the spring coming soon so we’re hopeful. We have a few things to share. First, we won the Publishing Professionals Network’s 48th Annual Book Show. Children’s Book Category. For a recap ofContinue reading “Happy 2020! + Book Show Award + February Launch”

Books Are Here + October Events

Hello, Everyone! Happy November! It’s been a busy October as we celebrated Filipino-American History Month and October 25th as Larry Itliong Day.  A quick recap is in order. Jack & Agyu arrived in September, just in time for Jack’s 8th birthday. I was so nervous when I got the box- I almost didn’t want toContinue reading “Books Are Here + October Events”

Post Summer Update + Visiting Bukidnon

Happy September, Friends! We hope your summer (vacation) was relaxing. Is that even possible??? I spent mine going on a month long trip to the Philippines and teaching dance at a week long family performing arts camp in Cazadero. The whole summer felt both long and short, mundane and novel. And now we’re ready forContinue reading “Post Summer Update + Visiting Bukidnon”

Cover Designing + Translations

Hi, Everyone!   Happy February! We hope you’re keeping yourselves warm and healthy. It’s coooold out there! We’ve been waking up to frost and I have been needing gloves to bike to school with the kids.   We’re steadily working on the graphic design. All our illustrations are finished and we have finally settled onContinue reading “Cover Designing + Translations”

Pamuhat: Starting 2019 with a Thanksgiving Ritual

Happy New Year, Friends and Family! May 2019 bring us moments of joy and opportunities to engage with each other. I personally hope for more (karaoke) singing, dancing, laughing, and sharing our stories. After a good holiday break, Lynnor and I are back. This time we are joined by our graphic designer, Stefanie Chung, whoContinue reading “Pamuhat: Starting 2019 with a Thanksgiving Ritual”

Thank YOU! We made our goal!

Friends,   We are feeling so much love from you all and we are tremendously grateful for the solid support you have shown our small press’ campaign for our book!   Because of all your help—your creative talents, time, ideas, access to your networks, use of your physical and virtual spaces, financial contributions, kind words,Continue reading “Thank YOU! We made our goal!”

Bulosan Center Launch + Final Hours of the Campaign

Hello, Friends!   Happy Monday! It’s mid December and we are in the thick of holiday celebrations. We hope you are enjoying your time with your family, friends, and the community.   Over the weekend, we gathered with several UC Davis students and Davis residents to celebrate the end of the year, as well asContinue reading “Bulosan Center Launch + Final Hours of the Campaign”