June 2021 Update

Dear Friends, How did this happen??? Half of the year has gone–it’s summer already!– and we’ve not posted any updates! What have we been doing? A few things here and there. Mainly, I’ve been focusing on writing picture book since I joined this year’s 12×12 challenge (to write one picture book story each month). Briefly,Continue reading “June 2021 Update”

Happy New Year 2021 Update

Happy New Year, Friends! I realize as I write this that it’s already FEBRUARY!!! So here we are. Corona virus is still wreaking havoc and we’re still being asked to do our part by avoiding large gatherings, especially indoors, practicing social distancing, and wearing masks. In the midst of this pandemic and all other unsavoryContinue reading “Happy New Year 2021 Update”

October 2020 Update: Fil-Am History Month

Hello, Friends, It’s the end of October! How did time fly so fast? Our last post was in July! I found a draft for our August post and it went something like this: “August is about to end. What a month it has been! What a year it continues to be. We thought it couldn’tContinue reading “October 2020 Update: Fil-Am History Month”

July 2020: Supporting the BLM Movement and the Bukidnon Lumad Artists

Hello, Friends and Family, We hope you’re still keeping yourselves healthy during this pandemic while finding ways to show your solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement towards the abolition of our racist systems and creation of life-affirming systems of care. Just a quick check-in since our last post in May. In June, we pledgedContinue reading “July 2020: Supporting the BLM Movement and the Bukidnon Lumad Artists”

May 2020: Awards + Readings

Hi, Friends, We hope you’re all staying healthy and sane while sheltering in place! In the midst of this pandemic, we have some good news. Last month, we shared that we’re one of the three finalists for the Benjamin Franklin Award by the Independent Book Publishers Association. Well, we won the GOLD! It’s a crazyContinue reading “May 2020: Awards + Readings”

March 2020 Update: Another Award!

Hello, Friends and Supporters, We hope you are all keeping yourselves healthy and sane as much as you can. This truly is an exceptional time in our lives, one that will leave long lasting impacts to the way we live, think, act, love, and care for each other. Despite the grimness of the current situation,Continue reading “March 2020 Update: Another Award!”

Happy 2020! + Book Show Award + February Launch

Happy New Year, Kapwa! How is it already February? It’s been rough with the flu and the winter blues but we can feel the spring coming soon so we’re hopeful. We have a few things to share. First, we won the Publishing Professionals Network’s 48th Annual Book Show. Children’s Book Category. For a recap ofContinue reading “Happy 2020! + Book Show Award + February Launch”

Books Are Here + October Events

Hello, Everyone! Happy November! It’s been a busy October as we celebrated Filipino-American History Month and October 25th as Larry Itliong Day.  A quick recap is in order. Jack & Agyu arrived in September, just in time for Jack’s 8th birthday. I was so nervous when I got the box- I almost didn’t want toContinue reading “Books Are Here + October Events”

Post Summer Update + Visiting Bukidnon

Happy September, Friends! We hope your summer (vacation) was relaxing. Is that even possible??? I spent mine going on a month long trip to the Philippines and teaching dance at a week long family performing arts camp in Cazadero. The whole summer felt both long and short, mundane and novel. And now we’re ready forContinue reading “Post Summer Update + Visiting Bukidnon”