July 2020: Supporting the BLM Movement and the Bukidnon Lumad Artists

Hello, Friends and Family,

We hope you’re still keeping yourselves healthy during this pandemic while finding ways to show your solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement towards the abolition of our racist systems and creation of life-affirming systems of care.

Just a quick check-in since our last post in May.

In June, we pledged all our proceeds to support the struggle for social justice. Half of our June proceeds went to NorCal Resist Activist Bail and ICE Bond Fund. NorCal Resist is a Sacramento based grassroots organization focused on fighting oppression and empowering our communities through shared resources and support. The other half of our proceeds went to our local ApoYolo Fund which gives financial support to undocumented immigrants in Yolo County who are hit hard by the pandemic. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who purchased our books!

Ongoing this month of July is our new fundraising efforts to help the Bukidnon Lumad artists and artisans. We are once again collaborating with the Bukidnon Studies Center at the Bukidnon State University to make this happen. Specifically, we are supporting writers and illustrators so they can publish their own books on indigenous stories. Please support this cause and either purchase our books or share about our fundraising. THANK YOU!

Things are a bit quiet for now. We have a scheduled reading with Eastwind Bookstore in August and we have been invited to read at the South San Francisco Public Library. We will see what the rest of summer brings. It’s a blessing to be able to take things slowly and to have the time to reflect on the momentous shifts that are occurring.

Oh, one last thing. We received the trophy from the Independent Book Publishers Association for winning the Benjamin Franklin Gold Award. Here’s Jack looking so jazzed upon receiving the award!

Until next update!

Be well!

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