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Dear Friends,

Happy Summer!

Today, the 4th of July, as the US celebrates its independence with fireworks and BBQ and lots of outdoor merry making, I take the time to think about this country’s history of genocide and slavery, its legacy, and how I can personally grieve, move towards healing, and join the clamor for reparations. As somebody who comes from a country that has been colonized by the US, I am once again reminded to examine my complicated ties with the US and to celebrate the resilience of my people who struggled, and continue to struggle, for our liberation.

As for the book…

The files are finally with the printer! After a few weeks of waiting, we got back our Library of Congress Number as well as our PCIP (Publisher’s Cataloging-In-Publication) which gives librarians all the information they need to quickly add a record to their database or card catalog. I think it was well worth the wait.

Additionally, the proofs are on their way to us and should get here by next week. Unfortunately for me, I will already be out of the country (I’m going to the Philippines with my family!) so I won’t get the chance to preview the pages. This was what I was afraid of- that the proofs would get here while I’m gone! But not to fear- we are in good hands! Stefanie will receive the proofs and we will trust her designer sensibilities to give us good feedback. I hope for beautiful pages and colors!

According to our printer, if no major changes need to be made that would require pushing back our timeline, the books should get to us by September. I’m really really excited!

A lot was happening in my personal life over the last few months (e.g. going back to fuller time work, among other things) and I’ve had to take a break from this project. A few weeks ago, when I looked at the pages again after not having seen them for over a month, I was reminded of what a beautiful book it is that we are creating with the help of so many from the community. This book truly manifests all the love and care and support that so many of us have poured over it. I am proud of all our work and feel blessed to be part of this book’s journey into this world. Thank you for all your support!

Jack and Mama

(With my Jack who inspired the making of this book)


Fingers and toes crossed!

Till next update!

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