Better Late Than… Incomplete

Happy Merry Month of May, Everyone!


We hope Mother’s Day Weekend was memorable and spent with the amazing mamas in your lives.


We have been working steadily over the last few months. We are so so close to sending everything to the printer.


Actually, I take that back—we have sent the files to the printer. Since April we have been attempting to get the files out and each “final” round of review yielded “one last thing” to be fixed/added/done: a missing space here, a word that needed to be in bold there, another typo here, and oh wait this is the old front cover file we’re working on which is missing the baybayin!!!! This all took a few weeks of anxious checking and re-checking and re-re-checking, especially of the baybayin scripts.


(A sneak peek of our front cover. It took us several weeks to arrive at this.)

When we finally got the texts and illustrations just the way we wanted it, we sent everything to the printer (and celebrated that milestone!) While waiting for upload, we did one final soul searching about the type of paper to use. We were initially set to do matte paper because our first book was. We didn’t really think to revisit this choice. However, somewhere along the way, we all started leaning towards a thicker uncoated paper, the kind that Island Born, by Junot Diaz, has. We finally checked with our printer and they put the uploading on hold while we explored more paper choices. After another week, last week we decided to print on uncoated paper. This changes a few things on our specs so Stefanie is now making the necessary changes, as we speak.


But wait… we’re not really done yet. Just when we thought we will FINALLY have everything done (after Stef makes the above changes) we realized that we need to add the Preassigned Control Number from the Library of Congress!!! Technically, we don’t need it but it would be good to have as it allows libraries to track our book more easily. This means we have to apply for a number. Normally, this would take two weeks. HOWEVER (because it can’t be that easy, you know!), that program that allows for PCN application is shut down until May 20th!!! Yaargh!!!


So, it is with our humble apologies and gratitude for your patience that we let you know that the Jack and Agyu book will not arrive at your doorstep in June, as initially anticipated. We are convinced that the unanticipated changes that we have made which lengthened our production period were/are all worth making.


We will continue to keep you posted! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE. As always, please let us know if you have concerns or thoughts.

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