October Recap: Campaign and more Thank Yous

Happy November, Friends!

We zoomed through October, it seems! But despite the busyness, we still got to enjoy the many moments of beauty that October brought.

October was my birth month. So I had to make sure I celebrated it with the right kind of cake.


(Thanks to my friend, Anoosh, who orchestrated the cake decoration with loving intention.)

The biggest October event was our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign launch on October 20 at the Undiscovered SF celebration of Filipino American History Month. We went into the launch with high hopes but not too much expectations. We knew it was going to be a huge event. We did not quite know how we would capture the attention of those going through the Barangay Tunnel on their way to the food stalls and the stage where an amazing line-up of Pinay artists like Ruby Ibarra were peforming.

But somehow we did! We had a coloring table as well as a set up of the Mama, Mama books plus all other merchandises we’ve decided to offer (e.g. mugs, shirts, postcards, buttons (which were a hit!), tote bags, and some candy.) From 4:00 until 10:00, we had a steady stream of people asking about the book and mostly pledging by buying the book/s. By the end of the night, we raised close to $3,000 of our $11,000 goal. Mike and I went home tired but super grateful for everyone’s support.

Another awesome news: the Bukidnon State University, Department of Letters has offered us their help in anything the press needs as far as translations to Binukid and access to Binukid materials. This is such a major help! We feel very blessed that all these people are coming forward to support us in our publishing journey, to offer us what we have been needing. Again, it is as if the world is listening to us!

Lastly, we were invited to Hilltop Mall’s Multi-cultural Children’s Book Store for a Meet the Author event. So we showed up!


And so we move forward to November. We have most of this month to reach our fundraising goal. Right now, with 24 days left, we are almost at the halfway mark. We currently have $5,100 of the $11,000 goal, with 75 backers. We are currently taking a break to allow for the busyness of election. We will resume our campaigning this Thursday.


(Getting there, ever so slowly…)

In the meantime, a shout out to Leila Santiago who provided us with photos of the Binukid dictionary so we could translate the colors for our Indiegogo campaign!

We hope you are all reading up on your propositions and candidates. Vote tomorrow, my friends!

Till next time.

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