October Updates: Campaign Launch + Thank Yous

Hello, Friends and Family,


We’re excited! We have 5 days until our Indiegogo campaign goes live on October 20! We would love it if you can come join us at our launch at the Undiscovered SF event where we will also celebrate Fil-Am History Month. Here’s the FB Page invite:


In the meantime, a few shout-outs and updates:

Thank you to Nathalie Mvondo of Multiculturalism Rocks Pop-up Store who took the time to have lunch with me and who inspired me to expand my nonprofit’s vision and press’ reach. She gave me lots of good tips, many of which I still need to execute (I’ll get there, Nathalie!!!), but more importantly, she made me think of the campaign in a more creative way.


Nathalie’s Website: https://www.facebook.com/mcrpop/

Thank you to Desi Danganan of Plinth Agency who pointed me out to so many resources and also invited me to launch the Indiegogo campaign at the Undiscovered SF’s Fil-Am History celebration on October 20.

Thank you to Andre Sibayan and Jan Swayze who, together, helped me start to explore and make sense of FB advertising, something that is totally alien to me.

Thank you to Von Hernandez, my bro in law (sort of), who spent many late nights during the week to help me put together the video for the campaign. Von has been so patient with my evolving ideas and took my numerous edits and changes to the script in stride.

Thank you to Kat Estacio and Pantayo, an all female Kulintang based music group in Canada, who gave permission to us to use their music in our video. Here’s their website:https://pantayo.bandcamp.com/

Thank you to my sis, Jules, who never fails to provide food and tea for our late nights working on our video.

Thank you to my niece, Ella (below), who willingly read a part of the manuscript for our video, and my nephews, Dom and Anthony, for taking pictures with Jack.

Thank you to Robert Liu-Trujillo who, despite being busy caring for his month old baby girl, still took the time to share insights regarding crowdfunding. http://work.robdontstop.com/


Thank you to Leilani Buddenhagen for providing feedback on the script, the website, the perks, and life in general.

Thank you to my husband, Mike for helping me, from figuring out how to delete a FB ad that I accidentally published to making a coherent narrative out of the jumble of words that I dumped on the page.

Lynnor continues to color the pages. We are now halfway through!

This is all for now. Until next update!

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