Page Counting and Clothing

Hello, Friends!

Lynnor and I are on a roll! We’ve set the scenes and finalized the page counts.

I am making it sound like it was easy to get to this point. In a way it was. But it could have been harder.

I initially told Lynnor our book will be 32 pages. She created the thumbnails with 32 pages in mind. A few days after we looked over the thumbnails, I realized that I forgot (or just didn’t think!) to let her know that I needed four pages for translations, glossary, discussions about the Olaging epic, and a thank you wall. Lynnor calmly noted,”That’s a lot of pages…”

I looked into the cost of increasing the page counts and the answer I got was not ideal. Lynnor and I talked about it and she said she needed time to think about how to accommodate the four pages.

Fortunately, a few days after, Lynnor went to a workshop where she learned, among other things, how to maximize the use of space and in the process free up more pages! It was as if the world was listening to us!

So we google chatted, made a few changes here and there, switched some of the spreads into single pages, and managed to reclaim 4 pages. YES!


After we finalized the page counts, I thanked Lynnor for working it out with me. She said our relationship is like a marriage: we talk about the issues and agree or disagree in a respectful manner and with an open mind. She’s right!

Another thing we have to decide on is how the diwata and the babaylan look like. We both agreed that the long flowy diaphonous dress that diwatas are usually depicted in look and feel very western. We looked for more nature based diwata images and found some that felt more “right”. It’s work in progress, for sure!

And so is the look of the babaylan or a respected female elder. We looked through many of the Kaamulan festival photos for ideas. We found several.

We will keep you posted as we move along!

Thank you for supporting our work.


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