Mama, Mama at the Mary Stephens (Davis) Library

Hello, Everyone!


Spring is here and it is so good to be feeling the warmth of the sun instead of the gnawing cold.


Jack and I were at our local library last week. He sauntered around to look for his favorite books (currently the Squish series) while I checked out the new children’s books addition. Suddenly, from across the room, I heard him say, “Mama, Mama, our book is here!” I walked over to where he was. He was totally excited, surprised, incredulous, and giddy. With a smile on his face he said, “that’s embarrassing!” I’m going to choose to believe that, overall, he was happy.





And then he asked, “When is the book about the boy with anting-anting going to come out?”


Soon, I told him. Very soon!


So I’m going to take this opportunity to announce that we have just hired our new illustrator and we have officially begun work on our second book. We’re working on the book’s site and will send it out soon. I will keep you all posted


Enjoy spring’s awesome weather, everyone!



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