Mama, Mama at the EastSide Arts Alliance Art Sale

Hello, Friends!

November was a downer in many ways and I’m only now beginning to rise and motivate. I have high hopes for December and for the coming days. I have to.

Over the weekend, I attended the EastSide Arts Alliance Art Sale in Oakland. Robert Trujillo extended the invitation to me and I was glad to go with my copies of Mama, Mama. I shared a table with another author, Jill Guerra, whose book is about boys and their long hair. I got to meet and enjoy the works other artists, including authors, illustrators, jewelry makers, print makers, photographers, singers, and poets… There was also buffet of tamales and spring rolls! The afternoon was uplifting and went by really quickly.



I’m happy to also report that I sent off a dozen Mama, Mama books out into the world!

Lastly, it would be remiss of me not to mention the Ghost Ship warehouse fire that happened a few days ago during a late night dance party at . So far, 36 people have been proclaimed dead.

Thank you for your support! Until the next update.

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