Mama, Mama Reading at the Rec Room

Hello, Everyone!

Our friends, Annie and Jade, at the Rec Room in Berkeley invited us over to their super cool kid/family friendly cafe to share the book. We did just that and it was the perfect way to spend a Friday morning at the cafe. Although the gathering was small, it was fun and I had the chance to not only catch up with friends but also make some new connections.

My dad and mom went with me and Charlie and Jack. Dad and Mom proudly held up the page that featured them.


Here’s me and Jade, co-owner of the cafe, and Thea of Kavamore Press. And Annie, co-owner, who used to be our next door neighbor. I know these three ladies from Charlie’s pre-school. They’ve been supportive of the book since day one.



I met two children’s books authors, Maria and Robert. Both are based in Oakland and have recently been published.


Friends came by and showed their support.


I’m looking forward to the next reading, for sure! Thanks, everyone!

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